I’ve selected three companies and projects: projects from my two most recent positions, along with my work on the Java platform in Silicon Valley.

At Openxmed, I took a nascent medical decision-making system and vastly improved the usability and utility of the product, creating real value for primary care physicians.

At Absolute, I consolidated previously-incompatible legacy and rewrite products and set up a framework for the future of the platform; and hired, mentored, and managed the UX team.

While working in the JavaSoft division of Sun Microsystems, I designed the cross-platform look and feel for the Java platform and played a major role in writing the related and award-winning design guidelines book published by Addison-Wesley.

In recent years I’ve alternated between mid-sized businesses and startups. I enjoy both, for different reasons. The former offer the opportunity to lead and mentor, and often have an impact on a larger user group; the latter, the ability to “keep my hands dirty” and work more quickly.

I have enjoyed working in, and learning about, a range of problem domains. I’ve designed software for health care, data security, market research, personal and small business finance, general e-commerce, software platforms, hydroelectric systems, K-12 education, and advertising and publishing.

I'm listed as inventor on a number of patents. Here's my CV in PDF format.

I tend toward a product, rather than agency, process. Specifically, I see my primary deliverable as design; to get there, my toolkit includes inspiration, collaboration, craft, diligence, decisiveness, taste, and empathy (Kocienda, 2018). User research and understanding is always iterative and evolving. I believe that design is effectively communicated, depending on the culture and audience, via prose, illustration, task and logical flow diagrams, and sometimes interactive examples.

Throughout my career I have used a wide range of tools; they come and go. My current general design tool of choice is Sketch. I’ve used for mobile prototyping on several products, and found it to be excellent for high-fidelity interaction design explorations and testing. I have also used Axure. OmniGraffle is still great for general diagramming and quick ideation and prototyping — I’ve occasionally used the iPad version with my Apple Pencil for sketching. Acorn serves my needs well for the kind of image editing I need to do. I’ll still occasionally use PHP and HTML/CSS hand-coded with BBEdit, particularly for web page design. Paper and pen are almost always my tool of choice for “thinking out loud.”